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Major Rivers of Gujarat

Here are some important rivers flowing in Gujarat. Though it’s not complete list. But I have tried to cover important rivers from North Gujarat, Middle Gujarat, South Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch.

1.       Aaji
2.       Ambika
3.       Anas
4.       Auranga
5.       Banas
6.       Bhadar
7.       Bhikda
8.       Bhogavo
9.       Daman Ganga
10.   Dhadhar
11.   Gautami
12.   Ghelo
13.   Gomati
14.   Hiran
15.   Hathmati
16.   Kali
17.   Kalubhar
18.   Keri
19.   Khari
20.   Kim
21.   Kolak
22.   Lilka
23.   Lindio
24.   Machchu
25.   Mahi
26.   Madhuwanti
27.   Mazum
28.   Meshwo
29.   Mindhola
30.   Narmada
31.   Ootavali
32.   Ozat
33.   Panam
34.   Par
35.   Purna
36.   Pushpawati
37.   Rangholi
38.   Rupen
39.   Sabarmati
40.   Sanosari
41.   Saraswati
42.   Shedhi
43.   Shetrunji
44.   Sonpari
45.   Suk Bhadar
46.   Talaji
47.   Tapi
48.   Vatrak
49.   Vatru
50.   Vegdi
51.   Vishwamitri
52.   Und
And there are many more. But sorry i am not able to mention them all.

Mahi River

Vindhyachal Hills in Madhyapradesh is origin of Mahi River and it meets in the Bay of Khambhat (Cambay).  Panam, Kun and Goma rivers are the left bank tributiroes and Bhadar is right bank tributary of Mahi river. Its total length is about 585 Kilometers and catchment area is about 34842 Square Kilometers.

Kadana dam is situated at 25 Kilometer from origin on Mahi river. Catchment area of Kadan Dam is about 25520 Squre Kilomtere. Wanakbori dam is situated at 102 Kilometer on Mahi river having 30665 Square Kilometer of catchment area. There is Bhadar Dam rightbank tributary Bhadar River at 19 Kilometer distance and having 407 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

Panam river has two subtributories Hadaf & Koliyari rivers. On which Panam dam is situated on Panam river at distance of 83 Kilometer and having catchment area of 2312 Square Kilometer.

Hadaf is tributory of Panam which has two tributary Kabutri & Wankadi. There is a Hadaf dam located on Hadaf river. Umaria dam is also laocated on Hadaf river at distance of 13 Kilometer and having 73 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

There is also Karad dam is situated on Karad river at 13 Kilomtere distance and having 130 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

And Goma dam is situated on Goma river at distance of 120 Kilometer and having 175 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

Narmada River

Narmada is very important and biggest river in Gujarat. For irrigation and drinking water supply in Gujarat the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project is vital and is constructed on Narmada River.

Narmada river originates from Amarkantak in Vindhyachal hills Madhya Pardesh, flow thourgh entire Madhya Pradesh and finally meets to bay of Khambhat in Arabean Sea. Its length is about 1312 Kilometer and catchment area is about  97410 sq.km.  Orsang river is right bank tributary and Karjan river is left bank tributary of Narmada river.

Narmada (Sardar Sarovar) dam is located at about 1200 Kilometer distance and having about 88000 Sq. Kilometer catchment area.  Though this dam is facing some legal issues regarding to its height but still it is very important for Gujarat. Sukhi, Ani, Unch, Heran rivers are sub tributaries of Orsang river. Jojawa dam is situated on river Orsang at 96 Kilometer distance having  870 Sq. Kilometer  catchment area. Karjan dam is situated on Karjan river at 54 Kilometer  having 1404 Sq. Kilometer  catchment area.

Sabarmati River

Sabarmati river originates from Aravalli Hills, Rajasthan and meets in Bay of Khambhat in Arabian sea. Its length is 371 km. & total catchment area is 21,674 sq. km. Sei, Siri and Dhamni are the right bank’s tributaries and Wakal, Harnav, Hathmati, Khari, Watrak are left bank’s tributaries.

Harnav-I and Harnav-II are the dams on river Harnav at distance 19 km. & 10 km. respectively. Their catchment area are 401 sq.km. & 116 sq.km. respectively.

Hathmati dam is situated at 40 km. on river Hathmati, its catchment area is 595 sq.km. The subtributary of Hathmati river is Guhai river, on which Guhai dam is situated at 30 km. having catchment area 422 sq.km.
Meshwo, Mazam & Shedhi are subtributories of Watrak river. Watrak dam is situated on Watrak river at 116 km. distance, having 1114 sq.km. catchment area. On Mazam river there is Mazam dam at 159 km. distance having 408 sq.km. catchment area. Varasi & Mahor are two subtributories of Shedhi river.

On Sabarmati river Dharoi dam is situated at 80 km. having 5475 sq.km. catchment area. And at distance 202 km. Vasna Barrage having 10619 sq.km. catchment area is situated.