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Malpua Recipe (Malpuda)

Malpua Recipe or Malpuda Recipe


Ingredients for Malpua (Malpuda) Batter
500ml Milk
150gms Ghee
6 spoons Wheat Flour

Ingredients for Chasani
6 Tea Spoons Sugar
200ml Water

Ingredients for Garnishing
Chopped Pistachios and Almonds

Malpua (Malpuda) Served in Plate


Though in India Bengali Malpua is very famous but it is also a Gujarati sweet known as Malpuda.

Make Malpua (Malpuda) Batter
  • Take a steel bowl and pour Milk into it.
  • Boil the milk on Gas and after the first burst of turn the flame to low and burn milk more until became half in the quantity (Stir milk while boiling to avoid lumps).
  • Now milk is quite thick and lump less and Keep this a side to be cooler.

Chasni Making Process
  • Now to make syrup (Chasani) by boiling water on low flame gas.
  • Add sugar into boiling water.
  • Stir until syrup goes little thicker and Keep it a side.
Frying Malpuda in Ghee

Frying Malpua (Malpuda)
  • Now Take a bowl and pour Wheat Flour and mix it cooled thick milk into it and mix them well. Now milk batter would be thicker.
  • Now take Ghee in frying pan and heat on gas stove. Heat well so we can fry Malpua (Malpuda) in it.
  • Let ghee heats up enough for frying.
  • Now start frying malpua by pouring table spoon of milk mix batter in to frying pan. Pour in small circular path.
  • Fry malpua on low flame.  Turn it other side to fry both side.
  • When it got little golden in color took it out from frying pan and deep into sugar syrup (Chasani).
  • Let malpua soak some syrup (Chasni) and then take them out and put in serving plates.
  • Fry malpua for all mix one by one.


Sprinkle chopped almonds and pistachios on malpua before serving. Serving with milk Rabadi makes your eating experience more fascinating.