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Baniya Best Jokes... 1

Baniya Best Jokes – 1

Baniya to his wife at his death time,
To his wife, Where are you?

Yes, I’m here.

All kids are all here?

Yes, papa

Baniya said: Than why fans in next room are still on?

Baniya fall from 20th floor.
While falling he saw his wife making meal in kitchen.
Baniya shouted “Don’t cook for me.”

Baniya called a News Paper office and asked: My uncle has died what’s for adv. charge per word?

News Paper representative: Rs.35 per word sir.

Baniya: Oh it’s too much. Ok write down “Uncle is expired”.

News Paper representative: Sir! It should be minimum 6 words!

Baniya: Oh no! Thinking for a while and says … “Uncle is expired, Car for sale”.