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Baniya Best Jokes... 2

Baniya Best Jokes – 2

One Baniya was also sinking with Titanic.
And was also smiling.

Other passenger asked: Why are you smiling?

Baniya: Thank god I haven’t purchased return ticket.

A baniya cam to that his wife have relationship with another guy.

He took his brand new pistol and went to that guy. His wife is in absolute dilemma that what to do.

After 1 hour baniya returned. And his wife asked with scare... What did you do to him?

Baniya: I told him you will be the first victim of my brand new pistol of Rs. 10,000.

Wife: then...

Baniya: He told me that he can give Rs. 15,000 for that pistol.

Wife: than what u did?

Baniya: I sold him.

Son: “I am not able to see at long distance, Please buy me spectacles.”
Baniya took him on terrace and asked what’s that?
Son: Its Sun.
Baniya: How far you want to see.