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Khaman Recipe (Besan Khaman Dhokla)

Khaman Gujarati Recipe …

  1. 200gm Gram Flour
  2. 50gm Semolina / Rice Flour Fine
  3. 50gm Black Lentil Flour
  4. 2 Cup Butter Milk
  5. Salt as per Taste
  6. 1 Spoon Green Chilies Paste
  7. 1 Spoon Ginger Paste
  8. 1/2 Spoon Turmeric Powder
  9. 3 Spoon Oil
  10. 1 Spoon Soda Bi-Carb or ENO
  11. Squeeze Juice of 1 Lemon
  12. 1 Spoon Black Mustard Seeds
  13. 10-12 Coriander Leaves
  14. 2-3- Green Chili (Fried)

  1. Mix Gram Flour, Semolina, Black Lentil Flour and Butter Milk in a bowl and stir it well.
  2. Make as smooth as possible.
  3. Mixture should be consistent and thick.
  4. Add Salt and keep in dry place for about 4 hours.
  5. Add Ginger - Green Chili Paste, Turmeric Powder into mixture and mix well.
  6. Prepare pressure cooker on gas stove.
  7. Grease the backing plate with some Oil.
  8. Take a small bowl and add 1 spoon Soda Bi-Card or ENO, Lemon Juice and 1 spoon Oil and mix them well.
  9. Add this in to prepared mixture.
  10. Pour final mixture over greased plate and cook for 10-12 minutes in cooker.
  11. Cool for about 10 minutes and cut into cubes.
  12. For seasoning heat 2 spoons Oil in small fry pan.
  13. Add Black Mustard Seeds.
  14. Spread seasoning over Khaman.
  15. Garnish the Khaman with Coriander and Fried Green Chili.

Serve with Chutney.