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Methi Na Thepla Recipe

Methi na Thepla Gujarati Recipe …

  1. 1 Bunch Fenugreek Leaves
  2. 1/2 Bunch Coriander Leaves
  3. 200gm Wheat Flour
  4. 25gm Gram Flour
  5. 25gm Semolina / Rice Flour Fine
  6. 1 Spoon Sesame Seeds
  7. 1/2 Spoon Cumin Seeds
  8. 3 Green Chilies Crushed
  9. 1 Spoon Red Chili Powder
  10. ½ Spoon Turmeric Powder
  11. Salt as per Taste
  12. Oil for Shallow Fry

  1. Wash and chop Fenugreek Leaves and Coriander Leaves and chopped it..
  2. Mix all flours in a bowl.
  3. Add chopped Fenugreek and Coriander leaves, Sesame Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Crushed Chilies, Red Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder and Salt.
  4. Mix all ingredients well.
  5. Add water and Knead into soft dough, use oil to make dough softer.
  6. Divide dough in to 8-10 equally kneaded round parts.
  7. Roll out Thepla (Roti) of about 5 inch diameter for each part.
  8. Shallow fry each Thepla on hot griddle by applying Oil on both side.
  9. Make sure Thepla is fried enough.
  10. Shallow fry all 8-10 Theplas.

Methi Theplas are ready to serve, Or Store in an air tight container.