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Baniya Best Jokes – 3

Baniya Best Jokes – 3

In old time in small village a Baniya (Vaniya) has taken loan of Rs 5000 from a wealthy Patel friend of his village. Though they are friend Patel was not asking money too much often.

Once Baniya and Patel decide to travel for Yatra. They have kept some money with them.

During that they were travelling through a very thick Jungle. Suddenly they found themselves in front of some dangerous Dakus with guns in their hands. They are not in condition to self-protect. Dakus said give all money they have else they will kill them both.

Baniya suddenly got idea and get out Rs 5000 from his pocket and handover or Patel and said take these Rs 5000 which is due on me from you.

Baniya is always Baniya.