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Rajnikanth's Joke

Rajnikanth Jokes…

Once Rajni was playing Dhol at Ganesh Visarjan and suddenly an Aliens comes from space and told him play dhol slowly as his has son is reading for next day morning exam.

It’s impossible to count up-to infinity. Rajni has done this twice.

Indian Cricket team has appointed Rajniknath as a coach and guess what happened…
Indian Cricket Team has won FIFA Football world cup.

British’s had left India in 1947…
They are smart enough and know that Rajni is going to born soon.

Once NASA scientist have found something moving on Mars. It’s actually a Kite flying from earth by Rajnikanth.

Teacher: What’s half of 8?
Student: It’s 4.
Rajni: It depends on cutting style. Horizontal half is ZERO and vertical half is THREE.

When Rajnikanth was student... Teachers are who bunk the classes.

When Rajnikanth took admission in college he asked to choose three subjects.
He has selected Science, Commerce and Arts.

Why Compass points in North. Because Rajni lives in south and no one can point towards him.

Who can stops 100s of cars with one hand??
Its Traffic Police not Rajnikanth everytime.