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Mahi River

Vindhyachal Hills in Madhyapradesh is origin of Mahi River and it meets in the Bay of Khambhat (Cambay).  Panam, Kun and Goma rivers are the left bank tributiroes and Bhadar is right bank tributary of Mahi river. Its total length is about 585 Kilometers and catchment area is about 34842 Square Kilometers.

Kadana dam is situated at 25 Kilometer from origin on Mahi river. Catchment area of Kadan Dam is about 25520 Squre Kilomtere. Wanakbori dam is situated at 102 Kilometer on Mahi river having 30665 Square Kilometer of catchment area. There is Bhadar Dam rightbank tributary Bhadar River at 19 Kilometer distance and having 407 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

Panam river has two subtributories Hadaf & Koliyari rivers. On which Panam dam is situated on Panam river at distance of 83 Kilometer and having catchment area of 2312 Square Kilometer.

Hadaf is tributory of Panam which has two tributary Kabutri & Wankadi. There is a Hadaf dam located on Hadaf river. Umaria dam is also laocated on Hadaf river at distance of 13 Kilometer and having 73 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

There is also Karad dam is situated on Karad river at 13 Kilomtere distance and having 130 Square Kilometer of catchment area.

And Goma dam is situated on Goma river at distance of 120 Kilometer and having 175 Square Kilometer of catchment area.