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Sabarmati River

Sabarmati river originates from Aravalli Hills, Rajasthan and meets in Bay of Khambhat in Arabian sea. Its length is 371 km. & total catchment area is 21,674 sq. km. Sei, Siri and Dhamni are the right bank’s tributaries and Wakal, Harnav, Hathmati, Khari, Watrak are left bank’s tributaries.

Harnav-I and Harnav-II are the dams on river Harnav at distance 19 km. & 10 km. respectively. Their catchment area are 401 sq.km. & 116 sq.km. respectively.

Hathmati dam is situated at 40 km. on river Hathmati, its catchment area is 595 sq.km. The subtributary of Hathmati river is Guhai river, on which Guhai dam is situated at 30 km. having catchment area 422 sq.km.
Meshwo, Mazam & Shedhi are subtributories of Watrak river. Watrak dam is situated on Watrak river at 116 km. distance, having 1114 sq.km. catchment area. On Mazam river there is Mazam dam at 159 km. distance having 408 sq.km. catchment area. Varasi & Mahor are two subtributories of Shedhi river.

On Sabarmati river Dharoi dam is situated at 80 km. having 5475 sq.km. catchment area. And at distance 202 km. Vasna Barrage having 10619 sq.km. catchment area is situated.