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Dudh Sagar Dairy to Empower Woman

Mehsana District Co-operative MilkProducers' Union Ltd.  i.e. Dudh Sagar Dairy has taken a new decision to empower woman for the woman milk producers under the union. Union makes payment to its producers’ via co-operative societies after every 10 days. As most of the producers are woman but still mans are coming to collect money from co-operative societies. So Dudh Sagar Dairy has decided to make payment directly to woman via bank accounts. Now onwards new account in co-operative societies is opened in the name of woman. This will benefits over 1,00,000 woman across the Mahesana, Patan and Gandhinagar districts.

For this purpose every woman milk producers should have a bank account and this bank would be opened by co-operative society at village level for each member. And payment made to them is directly deposited in that bank account. So that money goes to those women only who produces the milk and submitting it to union via societies. This step will help women to be self-sufficient and help them provide financial security.

Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation (GMMF) i.e. AMUL has suggested the system to make direct payment in hand of women to empower them. And Dudh Sagar dairy the first to implement this.

Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd.
Dudh Sagar Dairy
Mahesana, North Gujarat.

25th September 2013