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eGujCop project launched

Gujarat chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi is known for his development and technology favored approach for development and administration. Today on 19th Sep 2013 he has launched yet another feather in his crown of development. He has launched a project named eGujCop. eGujCop project is a utilization of information and technology in security related issues in home department across the state of Gujarat.

This project is covering about 1100 different locations which include 450 police stations, 59 offices of circle police inspector, 60 sub divisional offices, 35 commissioners of police and superintendent of police and their network. Government of Gujarat has claim that this is such a big initiative in world on such scale.

This project reduces lengthy documentation in police and home department and provides quick information about related documents. Now all verification is done by bio-metric inputs like fingerprint, DNA etc. verification. This will help to trace the lost vehicle, criminal across the state, verification.
Now citizen can able to view the status of pending case. And they can also apply for permissions like verification, arms license, hotel license etc. and trace application status online.


Watch video of Shri Narendra Modi at the inauguration of Home Department's unique eGujCop.

20th September 2013