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Right to Reject Granted by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India has taken a historic step in the process of election in India. Till today you might feel that you can’t find any proper candidate in the list on EVM so you might choose any candidate or choose not to vote. But now Supreme Court of India has asked Election Commission of India to provide an extra button on EVM which indicates “None of The Above (NOTA)”.

So now onwards voter has right to reject all candidates in case not able to find proper candidate. This would be the historic step in the process of election in India. SC believes this would lead all parties to give ticket to proper and good candidate so voter would not reject them.

So now onward voters of India have “Right to Reject” the candidates. This might bring voters to the polling booth to use right given to Indian Citizen.

Though all political parties may not please with decision of SC and they might bring another ordinance in order to overcome this instruction by SC.

27th September 2013

New Delhi