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Paneer - Extract of Milk

Paneer - Gujarati Recipe

  1. 1 Liter Milk
  2. 2 Table Spoon Lemon Juice

2.     Boil the milk slowly and boil until start rise up.
3.     Turn off the gas stove.
4.     At this point of time add lime juice into it.
5.     Stir milk until milk curdles. It might take just 20-30 seconds.
6.     Now the curds will coagulates and separates from watery whey.
7.     Now squeeze out the water from curds with cheesecloth.
8.     Let drain the water for about 20 minutes.
9.     Now put the hard Paneer on plain surface and put it under some heavy weight to form its block.

Paneer is ready to use or Store it into Freeze.