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Vibrant Navratri 2014 Garba Festival

Gujarat is known for its 9 days long Navratri festival. It’s celebrated throughout nine nights with millions of peoples from Gujarat, India and abroad with customized devotees. They play Garba for all nine night as a part of devotion to Maa Amba (Durga). Though there are 5 different Navaratri festival celebrated by Hindus. They are Shakambhari Navaratri (Magha Navaratri), Paush Navaratri, Chaitri Navaratri (Vasant Navaratri), Gupta Navaratri, Ashwini Navaratri (Sharad Navaratri). But among them Ashwini Navaratri is more poplar and rejoiced by wide range of peoples

Basically this festival is about to worship the goddess Amba (Maa Amba) and her nine different incarnation. These goddesses are form of power or Shakti and they are devoted as they have killed powerful demons.

In Sharad Navaratri all nine days are worshiped for each incarnation of Maa Amba. They are as follows.
Pratipada (Padvo) - Shailaputri
Dwitiya (Bij) - Brahmacharini
Tritiya (Trij) - Chandraghanta
Chaturthi (Choth) - Kushmanda
Panchami (Pancham) - Skanda Mata
Shashthi (Chhath) - Katyayani
Saptami (Saatam) - Kala Ratri
Ashtami (Atham) - Mahagauri
Navami (Nom) - Siddhidatri

But above all this festival widely popular all around the world due to Garba for Gujarat. In Gujarat this nine days are very colorful, vibrant and happiness all around. Though people are playing Garba for whole night they still get on to the work next day, as they say all power provided by Maa Amba.

In major cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot garba are played in every colony and apart from that Garba are also organized in Party Plots, Resorts and Clubs etc. And each place is heavily crowded no matter where it is. Though in villages still people are playing traditional Sheri Garba still it hasn’t loosed its charm.

There are many traditional folk Garba dances such as…
Hudo, Dandiya Ras, Gop Ras, Mer Ras, Maniaro Ras, Kanabi Ras, Tippani, Vinchhudo, Palli Jag Garbo etc.