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Right to Reject Granted by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India has taken a historic step in the process of election in India. Till today you might feel that you can’t find any proper candidate in the list on EVM so you might choose any candidate or choose not to vote. But now Supreme Court of India has asked Election Commission of India to provide an extra button on EVM which indicates “None of The Above (NOTA)”.

So now onwards voter has right to reject all candidates in case not able to find proper candidate. This would be the historic step in the process of election in India. SC believes this would lead all parties to give ticket to proper and good candidate so voter would not reject them.

So now onward voters of India have “Right to Reject” the candidates. This might bring voters to the polling booth to use right given to Indian Citizen.

Though all political parties may not please with decision of SC and they might bring another ordinance in order to overcome this instruction by SC.

27th September 2013

New Delhi

Dudh Sagar Dairy to Empower Woman

Mehsana District Co-operative MilkProducers' Union Ltd.  i.e. Dudh Sagar Dairy has taken a new decision to empower woman for the woman milk producers under the union. Union makes payment to its producers’ via co-operative societies after every 10 days. As most of the producers are woman but still mans are coming to collect money from co-operative societies. So Dudh Sagar Dairy has decided to make payment directly to woman via bank accounts. Now onwards new account in co-operative societies is opened in the name of woman. This will benefits over 1,00,000 woman across the Mahesana, Patan and Gandhinagar districts.

For this purpose every woman milk producers should have a bank account and this bank would be opened by co-operative society at village level for each member. And payment made to them is directly deposited in that bank account. So that money goes to those women only who produces the milk and submitting it to union via societies. This step will help women to be self-sufficient and help them provide financial security.

Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation (GMMF) i.e. AMUL has suggested the system to make direct payment in hand of women to empower them. And Dudh Sagar dairy the first to implement this.

Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd.
Dudh Sagar Dairy
Mahesana, North Gujarat.

25th September 2013

Gujarati Film "The Good Road" is official Oscar Entry

Since last 20 years no Gujarati movie is able to win National Award. Last Gujarati film who won this prestigious award is “Manavi Ni Bhavaai” in 1993.  But this Gujarati movie “The Good Road” has won the National Award for the Best film.

This is not all but this Gujarati film “The Good Road” is now official Indian entry for Oscar Awards. “The Good Road” has beaten Irrfan Khan’s “The Lunch Box” to enter in the Oscar for the category of best foreign language film. General secretory of Film Federation of India (FFI) has announced that this film has been selected as the official entry for Best Foreign Film Category of the Oscar Awards. This is obviously a proud moment for the Gujarat and Gujarati peoples.

Story of the film is based on Kutch, Gujarat. And it revolves around three characters that travel on the highway in the Bunny, Which is desert across the border. This film effectively captures the flavor of the never-ending and undulating highways of the other India and its hidden facets. This film is produced by National Film Development Corporation Ltd. And director of this film is Gyan Arora.

Let’s hope this time this movie is able to win this award for India and Gujarat.

All The Best to “The Good Road”.

22nd September 2013

eGujCop project launched

Gujarat chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi is known for his development and technology favored approach for development and administration. Today on 19th Sep 2013 he has launched yet another feather in his crown of development. He has launched a project named eGujCop. eGujCop project is a utilization of information and technology in security related issues in home department across the state of Gujarat.

This project is covering about 1100 different locations which include 450 police stations, 59 offices of circle police inspector, 60 sub divisional offices, 35 commissioners of police and superintendent of police and their network. Government of Gujarat has claim that this is such a big initiative in world on such scale.

This project reduces lengthy documentation in police and home department and provides quick information about related documents. Now all verification is done by bio-metric inputs like fingerprint, DNA etc. verification. This will help to trace the lost vehicle, criminal across the state, verification.
Now citizen can able to view the status of pending case. And they can also apply for permissions like verification, arms license, hotel license etc. and trace application status online.


Watch video of Shri Narendra Modi at the inauguration of Home Department's unique eGujCop.

20th September 2013

Narendra Modi is Elected as PM Candidate of BJP

Speculation over the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate was going on since last year or so. On 13th September 2013 this speculation is over as Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) president Shree Rajnath Singh has announced Shree NarendraModi (Chief Minister of Gujarat) as a prime ministerial candidate for their party. This announcement is made after the meeting of BJP parliamentary board held just before the announcement ate the BJP head quarter in New Delhi. Though BJP top leader Shri Lal Krishna Advani was not present in this meeting, but still name of Narendra Modi is confirmed in the meeting and later announced.

Now it’s clear from the BJP and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) that who is going to lead the BJP and NDA in the 2014 Loksabha Election. As per many opinion polls and survey Narendra Modi is leading in popularity for PM candidate for next coming general election in April May 2013. So it’s probable that Modi is going to be the next PM of India.

Though Narendra Modi is highly attacked by Congress and other parties who claim them-selves as secular parties and not feel comfortable with BJP and Modi as they pusses image of Hindutvawadi. Their image of Hindu favored party and person may be put some break on the race to get Government in next general election.

But for the time Shree Narendra Modi’s name is announced as the prime ministerial candidate for BJP and NDA.

13th September 2013