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Gujarati Holds 42% Hotel Business of USA

There is a famous phrase in Gujarati “Jya Jya Vase Ek Gujarati, Tya Tya Sadakal Gujarat”. This phrase is yet again proven by Gujaratis living in USA.

USA has a very wide and spread hospitality business across the country. There are about 53000 hotels and motels in USA. Out of these 53000 hotels-motels of USA about 21000 hotels and motels are owned by Gujaratis and mainly by Patels. This figure makes it 42% out of total 53000 hotel-motels of USA. It’s quite significant number for the hospitality business.

This Gujarati hoteliers pays taxes of about 700 Million USD every year and creating millions of jobs in USA and this is noticed by some big hotel businesses like Marriott, Starwood or Hilton and they are offering their franchises to Gujaratis.
In late 60s many Gujarati are migrated to USA in search of earning and started struggle there in this business. They find this virtual gold rush for them and gradually they have started to occupy business and purchasing Motels in States.  Most out of this Gujarati are Patel and they were acquiring hotels and motel and their hotels-motels are known as POTELS more popularly.

This Gujarati hotelier in USA has earned lots of money for themselves and their motherland too. They have sent huge amount of money to Gujarat and India, and also have invested in many properties.

This community has made us proud to be Gujarati. Hates of to them.