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"Patan Na Patola" Gets GI Registration

The great and historical city of North Gujarat, Anhilwad Patan once again got good news. Patan is famous for its archeological sites and rich culture.

Patan is also famous for hand woven sari brand known as PATOLA. This handicraft is famous for its design and making since centuries. Its looks same from both side and so one car wear it from any side.

There is a popular Gujarati song which shows popularity of Patola,

Chhela Ji Re, Mari Hatu Patan Thi Patola Mogha Lavajo”.

In which woman request her man to bring costly Patola from Patan for her.

Nowadays just a single family is still weaving this sari and they are doing this to maintain the heritage and legacy given by their forefathers to them.

High cost and negligible manufacturing and valuable brand lead to sale of duplicate patola in the market, so their association has decided to go for GI Registration.

Patan Double Ikat Patola Weavers Association has got GI Registration from Geographical Indication of Goods. Now Patola cannot be sale out by anyone other than this association across the 160 countries of the world.

In market there many fraud and scam sellers are sailing other saris on the name of Patola. Now they can be face legal action against them and which prevents clients from purchasing duplicate Patola or sometime very ordinary saris at very high cost.