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Tarnetar No Melo - Trinetreshwar Folk Fair

Tarnetar is small village near Thangadh Taluka of Surendranagar District. Tarnetar is located just 8 KM north from Thangadh railway station. This village is famous for Trinetreshwar Temple and world famous folk fair known as Tarnetar Fair or Tarnetar No Melo. 

The three day long Tarnetar Fair is starts at the 4th day of lunar month Bhadrapad (Badrawa Sud Choth), this day is also celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. 

This folk fair is famous for its traditional values it carries over the centuries. People from surrounding to the village Tarnetar comes to take part in this fair with full preparation. 

This region has considered having mythological values too. According to Mahabharat, Arjun have won swayamvar of King Drupad’s daughter Draupadi by piercing the circularly rotating fish eye with aiming shadowed in water at this place, this region is known as Panchal Pradesh in ancient time. So to carry that tradition young and unmarried girl specifically from Bharwad and tribal communities like Koli, Rabari, Khants, Kanbi, Kathi, Charan comes here to find groom of their choice. They all are wearing traditional ornaments, cloths and used to dance their traditional tribal dances in the fair.

Mans from Bharwad and other tribal communities comes here with decorated umbrella (Chhatri) to attract girls and convince them to marry. They also wear their traditional costumes and ornaments to look more attractive than others. Some of them also came with traditionally decorated cart.

Prizes are distributed to best decorated Chhatri and Cart at this festival by the Mahant of Paliyad.

Tarnetar is connected by roads to the nearest city Than (Thangadh). You can reach here by Rail, Road or by Airways.

Nearest railway station is Thangadh which is 8 KM from this place.
Surendranagar is well connected by Road-Rail network, which is 48KM from here.
Nearest airport is Rajkot which is 90Kilometers from here.
Nearest international airport is Ahmedabad which is 200 KM from here.