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Gujarati Jalebi Recipe

Jalebi Recipe (Funnel Cake Recipe)


Ingredients for Jalebi Batter
500gms All Purpose Flour (Maido)
100gms Gram Flour
Yeasts or Curd
400ml Water

Ingredients for Sugar Syrup (Chasni)
1KG Sugar
Water, about 1 Liter
Few buds of Saffron

500gms Ghee for frying Jalebi


We are using traditional way to make Jalebis. Which take 2 days to prepare batter of Jalebi. It is quite easy recipe and not as difficult as it seems.

Preparation of Jalebi Batter
  • Take a bowl and Mix All Purpose Flour and Gram Flour; add one tea spoon of yeast or table spoon of curd into it.
  • Add some water (about 400ml) and stir it to mix well.
  • Keep this jalebi mixture aside for 48 hours. Do not put it in freeze.
Preparation of Chasani
  • On the day of making Jalebi you have to first make Sugar Syrup or Chasani.
  • Boil 1 Liter water and add Sugar into it.
  • Add some more water if sugar doesn’t sink into water.
  • Continuously stir it and make little thick syrup (Chasani).
  • Chasni should have thread consistency. Mean a drop of chasni put on finger and gently press with another finger; it should form a string while you slowly release fingers.
Threading Consistency of Chasni

  • Add Saffron buds into chasni, which gives a flavor to jalebi.
Adding Saffron in Chasni (Chasani)

Frying Jalebi
  • It’s time to start frying Jalebi in ghee.
  • Heat up Ghee in flat frying pan on stove.
  • Now take some empty tin can or empty plastic bottle and make a small hole on downside. You can also use small polyethylene bag with small hole on corner.
  • You can use any such tool or make such thing from waste.
Bottle used for Jalebi making

  • Take jalebi mixture in it and pour in jalebi shaped round in heated ghee in frying pan. You can add your best imagination to male own shape of jalebis.
  • Fry it both side and make little golden in color.
  • Take out of frying pan and put in sugar syrup.
  • Let Jalebi soak some chasni. Take jalebi out of it and put in serving vessel.

Jalebi Trivia
Though Jalebi made on many occasions but in Gujarat it’s widely eaten on Dashera along with Fafda. On that day people rushes for Fafda and Jalebi (Jilebi in Rajasthan).

Jalebi Making by a Vendor

I just found a word for Jalebi in English is Funnel Cake.